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Marketing is a profession known to many and a popular field of education. As marketing research is a relatively young field of study which emerged in the early 20th century it attracts a high level of research interest.

Whereas marketing research is most common in current business and economic development, much less research is done about the origins of marketing as a whole.

Thus, Marketing Museum is a non-profit project that aims to support research in marketing history and follows the idea of establishing a complete picture of the marketing profession, from marketing practice and thought in the past to the present and future!



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Explore the rich history of marketing and you will be surprised how far the early beginnings of marketing actually date back.

Our historic timeline dates back 40,000 years ago where we present the forerunners of marketing practice as a social technique. From there we will take you through the ages and highlight the most important marketing contribution of each era. From Mesopotamia, followed by the cultural heritage of the Greek and Roman dynasties, throughout the developments in the middle ages where additional marketing practices occurred throughout the planet.

Of course, also further important marketing contributions of the modern period and the 20th century onwards will be highlighted in our continuously growing timeline.

ancient ruins of trajan's market in roman forum