Donate for a good cause

As a registered charitable non-profit organisation we mainly rely on public donations of any kind. Every Euro, Dollar, Peso or whatever your local currency may be, helps us to preserve the history of marketing! Any amount no matter how small or big does help!

Our museum is accredited by German tax authorities as a charitable / non-profit organisation. Thus, for any donation we are able to issue a donation certificate that can be used in many countries for setting the donated amount off against tax liability when claiming your tax return.

Shortly you will find more information on this page on how you can donate and how your donation will be used.

You may also choose to send your donation directly to our bank account:
Grenke Bank AG
IBAN: DE4220 1304 0000 6026 7549
BLZ: 201 304 00

Dollar banknotes in glass jar and wooden cubes with donate lettering, donation concept