Welcome to Marketing Museum! 

We are a non-profit and research oriented museum project focusing on the exciting history of marketing.

We started our activities throughout 2020 and are aiming to establish several further milestones in the coming years. In 2020 we completed our first goal to establish a digital museum which helps to promote the concept of free knowledge to promote the understanding of marketing history throughout the marketing and history community worldwide. Additionally, we will create a physical archive of different materials relevant to the field of marketing history in order to fulfill another part of our mission, the conservation of marketing history. 

Why the worlds needs a Marketing Museum

It seems that the word marketing has become a common term in everybody’s life. Furthermore, marketing is a popular profession both in the academic world and as a business profession. Most marketing activities however deal with current activities and short term marketing development. The history of marketing however is a rather small section in the public awareness. As many scholars agree, an understanding of its own history is very important to truly understand one’s profession and helps us to learn from developments that already happened in the past. This helps us in our current decision making in a fast paced marketing environment. And apart from all the rational reasons why an understanding of marketing history is important it is also a very interesting activity to discover the rich history of marketing and all the surrounding ideas, events and people that surround this field of study.

Our digital museum will continuously grow by adding blog articles on marketing history as well as additional content to the exhibition and history section. In this context we are working together with organisations like Universities, corporate businesses and important people in the marketing and history community.

Our Values (Vision & Mission)


To establish a Marketing Museum as a digital and physical monument in order to conserve the global marketing heritage and to share the marketing legacy with the public.


We are taking part in the global network of marketing history stakeholders. By conducting and communicating research in marketing history we are contributing to the understanding and the legacy of marketing history. By providing free education about the history of marketing we are helping to increase the public awareness of the importance of marketing heritage towards individuals, academic institutions and further organisations.

What marketing means to us

Marketing has many faces, if one would ask different individuals or institutions they would end up with a large amount of different explanations of what marketing means to them. Marketing can be seen from many different angles, the easiest comparison can be made between the marketing practice which also includes the human behaviour i.e. a social technique that can be traced back to around 40,000 years and the theory of marketing which can be traced back to the brink of the 19th and 20th century. 

For us marketing practice in the context of its own history is a creative approach to increase awareness and is a method that contributes to achieve a defined outcome of desire. Thus, many other fields that are serving this interest are considered as well, e.g. design, distribution and alike. 

The theory of marketing on the other hand focuses on the intellectual research on marketing, whether this may have occurred for individual or commercial benefit as well as creating an academic theory of marketing.

The Blog

The blog consists of articles researched by the Marketing Museum. Each article follows academic principles and includes accredited sources. The blog articles will cover all kinds of topics that are related to the history of marketing e.g. academic developments in marketing theory, early examples of marketing practice, background stories on business history, reports of events and much more.

Also each entry in the history timeline will receive an own blog article so readers can get more insights on each milestone in marketing history.

The history timeline

Our history timeline includes milestones in marketing history. Milestones are considered to be events or contributions of individuals, businesses or institutions that introduced, excelled or adapted marketing activities or concepts that changed the course of marketing theory or practice.

We will continuously add individual blog articles to each marketing history milestone which also can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding milestone entry. These blog articles will include more information on each milestone and why it is important in the context of marketing history.

The exhibition

Our digital exhibition includes pictures, videos or alike that were provided to us with friendly permission of companies or organisations and own photographs of Marketing Museum as well as media that is commonly available by public domain.

The exhibition includes media files that are used throughout the website e.g. our history timeline as well as the blog and are extended with additional files that fit our exhibition section e.g. famous marketing quotes.


Wherever possible we will actively take part as member in national and international organisations that contribute to marketing history.

In the long run, we are also looking for partnerships with organisations that will be able to support our goal to establish a physical presence where our archive material i.e. our collection may be displayed for the public.

We also welcome individuals and organisations to work with us e.g. by contributing to our blog as authors or with content on marketing history. Through our website and social media channels we support the exchange and connection of likeminded individuals that want to take part in the global marketing history community!

Stay tuned for more activities and follow us on our social networks to make sure to not miss any content shared by us!